Times Square, NYC, Aug 2001

Edgar Matias

I was born on April 11, 1969 . . .

In 1988, I entered the University of Toronto as an undergraduate studying Computer Science and Physics. After discovering that I didn't like debugging code on buggy and unstable Turing compilers, I did a 180 and switched to English. This was fine until I found out how many boring books had to be read by English Majors. I made another half-hearted attempt at Physics, before stumbling into Bill Buxton's Input Research Group. Together with Bill and Scott MacKenzie, I implemented an idea that I'd had years before in high school, and we ran an experiment to test it. It was eventually named the “Half Keyboard” and is the topic of most of the papers listed below. My keyboard has been featured in Macworld magazine and Technology Review magazine.

Here is an interview (MP3) I did, explaining what makes a good keyboard:

My company, Matias, develops and sells computer accessories (including the Half Keyboard). If you want to see how naive I was when I started, here is a piece done about me (circa 1991) by the CBC business show Venture.

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