Pictures of our prototype Half-QWERTY wearable computer are now available online.

In total, four prototypes were built, only the last of which was built into a wearable computer. They are pictured together:

159 x 245 (27K)

Here is a picture of the final prototype:

579 x 315 (92K)

Another picture, showing the prototype worn by an operator, is available in various sizes:

192 x 128 (24K)
384 x 256 (88K)
768 x 512 (341K)

The prototype was built to display in the "Interactive Experience" section at the CHI '94 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. A paper was also published in the Conference Companion, and is available online.

Many thanks to Mike Ruicci of UofT's Computer Systems Research Institute, Tim Emmerich of Hewlett-Packard, and Beverly Harrison of UofT's Department of Industrial Engineering.

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