How frequently should I take rest breaks when I'm typing?


From: Nick Parker <nsparker@NICK.B29.INGR.COM>
Date: Wed Apr 6 11:46:13 1994

Results of a NIOSH study suggest that taking short rest breaks within every hour (three 30 second, and one 3 minute per hour - at 15 minute intervals) in addition to normal 15 minute morning/afternoon breaks "can facilitate performance and forestall the development of discomfort in repetitive VDT (video display terminal) work." In the study, users who took the additional breaks actually had a higher keystroke count than the control group, which did not take the additional breaks.


Frequent, Short Breaks During Computer Work, The Effects on Productivity and Well Being in a Field Study,

R. Henning, S. Alteras, P. Jacques, G. Kissel, A. Sullivan, University of Connecticut.

Date: Mon May 30 15:07:39 1994

NIOSH's # is 1 800 356 4674. This is a general information number. They also can provide some additional information about ergonomics.

You may want to request to be placed on a mailing list of training programs they offer.

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